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Contractual Cravings

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

May 02, 2014




What is it about celebrities and their eating habits that make such great tabloid fodder? Media empires have been built around the ridiculous rumors that abound about everyone from old-school crooners to pop princesses—but we couldn’t care less about who has had a nip or a tuck; we’re more interested in what they allegedly like to tuck into while in the greenroom.


Jumbo shrimp is an understandable enough request, and has supposedly turned up on the riders of Old Blue Eyes (in addition to an almost-full bar and some Life Savers) and the Beach Boys, who like their crustaceans with sides of fruit, alfalfa sprouts, and peanut M&Ms.


Members of Aerosmith reportedly have more internationally inspired cravings, including chicken tikka with yogurt and mint dip. At the other end of the spectrum, Britney Spears is said to request McDonald’s cheeseburgers (sans buns), and some say Axl Rose likes to pair his Dom Pérignon with a loaf of Wonder Bread.


And then there are the infamously quirky requests of uber-celebs like Lady Gaga, who is said to request a platter of “non-smelly, non-sweaty cheese,” and Jennifer Lopez, whose list includes everything from Balance Bars to chocolate chip cookies to papaya, but who is also said to demand that the coffee accompanying the treats be stirred counter-clockwise. Allegedly.


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