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Eat This Word: Hoecakes

JBF Editors

May 30, 2017


WHAT? Pancake’s papa. Johnnycakes, ashcakes, battercakes, corn cakes, cornpone, jurney cakes, jonakin, jonikins, Shawnee cakes, and hoe cakes (or hoecakes) are all regional variations of flatbreads made with cornmeal, water, and salt. According to the website, since Native Americans showed the Pilgrims how to cook with corn, they are also most likely to have taught them how to make these precursors of our modern-day pancake. Hoecakes were, as Culinaria United States notes, “supposedly created by slaves who cooked ‘journey’ cake batter on their hoes under the hot sun while working in the fields.” The original three-ingredient recipe has evolved during the last 400 years, and eggs, oil, butter, and even baking powder are now standard in most recipes. You can of course opt for a mix, but Aunt Jemima prefers wheat to cornmeal. Whichever recipe you use, the frying pan has become the cooking utensil of preference.

WHERE? Georgia Grown

WHEN? June 03, 2017

HOW? Smoked Georgia Trout with Horseradish Cream and Georgia Caviar on Cornmeal Hoecakes