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Eat this Word: Limoncello

JBF Editors

March 14, 2017


WHAT? Lemon-aid. "Sweet, fragrant, powerful and very easy to drink," says World Food Italy guidebook about the traditional lemon-scented digestif from the Amalfi coast. Culinaria: Italy adds that limoncello is "just as essential an end to a Campanian meal as grappa or anise liqueur is in other regions." Until recently, limoncello was hand produced by artisans, or made at home from prized recipes; lately, commercialization of the liqueur has begun, often substituting inferior products. Authentic limoncello is made from Italy’s indigenous, aromatic Nostrano lemons, but it is possible to make an approximation of the intensely citrusy drink by infusing alcohol with lemon peel for 20 days or more, then mixing it with sugar syrup. In place of Nostrano lemons, the charming website suggests, "the best thing is to have a lemon tree or a friend with a lemon tree. Never buy lemon that you find in [the] supermarket that are in a net. They are treated with a special wax that would affect the taste." Serve limoncello very cold in very small glasses.

WHERE? Grand Seafood Feast 

WHEN? March 21, 2017

HOW? Limoncello Cream with Poached Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Basil Meringue