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Eat this Word: Trou Normand

JBF Editors

March 09, 2017


WHAT? A true Norman’s stomach settler. In Normandy, home of Camembert and other decadent delicacies, meals can stretch on for many hours—and many, many courses. Even the most intrepid gourmand has been known to suffer from a bout of indigestion before the feast is fini. Thankfully, Normandy is also home to an abundance of apples from which the strong apple brandy, Calvados, is made. Not only is Calvados featured in Norman desserts and savory sauces, but it is also used to help revive languishing appetites. Le trou normand (literally, “a Norman hole”) is a pause between dishes in a multi-course meal during which diners partake of a glass of Calvados or Calvados-soaked apple sorbet. The brandy not only helps make room for the remaining courses, but also aids in digestion. The practice of consuming this mid-prandial spacemaker is said to be over 200 centuries old.

WHERE? Gallic Love Story

WHEN? March 11, 2017

HOW? Trou Normand > Celery Sorbet with Yellow Chartreuse

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