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Eat This Word: Wheat Berries

Jennie Dockser

February 26, 2018


WHAT? Pre-loaf whole grains. Never eaten wheat berries? Think again. Wheat flour is made out of wheat berries, so you’ve likely encountered these in toast form—but there are plenty of other uses for these little guys. The oval-shaped brown or red grains look like a thicker version of brown rice, and the best way to cook and eat wheat berries is to treat them as such. You may have seen these nutritionally dense grains in the new salad at your go-to lunch spot, or at a local bakery as a special addition to a loaf. This form of unprocessed whole wheat is often used in Eastern European cuisine to add fiber, protein, and texture to meals. Adding a little crunch is always a nice touch, but before cooking, wheat berries provide the type of crunch that could chip a tooth, so they are often softened by soaking in a pot of boiling water. After cooking, wheat berries have enough flavor to be eaten on their own, or added to a grain bowl, salad, or bread to change up the texture and boost the nutritional content.

WHERE? Heart of Kentucky at the Beard House 

WHEN? Tuesday, February 27, 2018

HOW? Griddled Heritance Farm Oyster Mushrooms with Fermented Carrot–Sorghum Butter and Weisenberger Mill Wheat Berries

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