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Featured Menu: Luxurious Kaiseki

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

February 03, 2016


With over 200 events at the Beard House each year, our calendar is overflowing with top toques and rising stars from restaurant kitchens across the country. Each dinner at the Beard House is a unique culinary experience, but every so often a specific event will have our stomachs rumbling simply by scanning the menu. Read on to learn which event has piqued our palates lately.

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Luxurious Kaiseki

With the holidays long past and spring weather several months away, early February is just begging for an indulgent omakase menu. MASA and Neta alums Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau, who are known for their delicious, creative, and technical dishes, are coming to the Beard House to brighten up our winter. Diners will be lucky to score a seat at this dinner, given the white-hot reputation of Shuko. JBF director house programming Izabela Wojcik sees Kim and Lau’s East Village eatery as “the perfection of their culinary voice, where they’ve created a fusion of traditional sushi omakase and kaiseki notes with untraditional and local ingredients, all wrapped up in a cool, sexy dining room.”

The Beard House menu promises a dizzying array of Japanese specialties designed to enthrall and exhilarate the palate, from Sawara–Black Truffle Canapé Rolls to the indulgent Housemade Japanese Milk Toast with Toro and Caviar to the bright Spicy Lobster with Crispy Lotus Root and Green and White Onions. Featuring unusual touches like a miso made from pistachio nuts, this dinner is a can’t-miss event for anyone eager to know what the New York Times’s Pete Wells raved about. Check out the event listing for the chef lineup, full menu, and to book your seat.

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