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Food Reads: Astronaut Food + Grilling Tips

Halley Crane

June 09, 2017


Space food is getting a makeover: NASA has commissioned JBF Award winner Alain Ducasse to develop gourmet dishes for astronauts. [Food & Wine]

Backyard barbecuing is one of America’s greatest summertime traditions. This detailed guide gives tips on equipment, cooking techniques, recipes, and more. [NY Times]

These three useful tips will help you make the most out of your gas grill all summer. [Bon Appétit]

Aside from environmental problems, backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement may lead to economic and diplomatic issues that could affect the entire agricultural industry. [Munchies]

High temperatures may result in the South’s smallest peach harvest to date. [NY Times]

Go all the way with rosé: these ten recipes include inventive snacks like popsicles and gummy bears. [Huffington Post]

Take a peek into the spooky farm that produces half of America’s mushroom supply. [Saveur]

An interview with JBF Award winner Michel Nischan reveals how the chef went from amateur rock star to sustainability advocate. [Serious Eats]