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Food Reads: MOFAD's City Guides + A Better Meatloaf

Maggie Borden

October 21, 2016


The Museum of Food and Drink has unleashed new online, interactive guides that allow users to explore the dishes and stories behind American food meccas like New York’s Chinatown. [Eater]

Working conditions forced JBF Award–winning pizzaiolo Chris Bianco to step away from the smoke of his wood-burning oven and towards a new restaurant without a single slice of pizza on the menu. [NYT]

Dangerously spicy: a man burns a hole in his throat after eating a ghost pepper–garnished burger. [WaPo]

A new bill by New Jersey lawmakers would require large institutions like restaurants, supermarkets, and hospitals to save their food waste for conversion to renewable energy. [Grub Street]

Do your civic duty and vote on November 8, and then make this election cake to celebrate. [Bon Appétit]

Meet fairy bread, the rainbow-sprinkled Australian snack that’s become a global obsession. [Epicurious]

Swap the loaf pan for a bundt and make an aesthetically superior and flavor-packed meatloaf. [The Kitchn]

Food52 breaks down one of the rousing debates from our 2016 JBF Food Conference: in food, is it novelty or tradition that matters more? [Food52]