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Food Reads: Pancake Nachos + Gin Popsicles

Maggie Borden

July 21, 2017


Have dessert and an after-dinner drink all at once with these boozy popsicles. [Bon Appétit]

Forget huevos rancheros: you need to be making breakfast pancake nachos. [Extra Crispy]

From make-ahead dishes to plates that come together in a snap, these recipes will help you rise and shine for your weekday breakfasts. [Saveur]

With their proposed acquisition of Whole Foods, are Amazon meal kits a thing of the future? No, because they’re on-sale right now. [Grub Street]

One Norwegian chef is forsaking New Nordic for what he calls “neo-fjordic” cuisine. [NYT]

The latest trend in Japanese mixology focuses on the health benefits of shochu infused with medicinal substances like lemon balm, mushrooms, and eel. [MUNCHIES]

Could feeding yogurt to cows improve food safety? [Food & Wine]

Watermelon may be everywhere during the summer, but these recipes prove there’s still plenty to do with it. [Food52]