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Food Reads: Salmon Recipes + Wine-Buying Tips

Jennie Dockser

April 05, 2018


Healthy fats, a buttery texture, and great flavor have us addicted to salmon—grab a few new recipes for your weekly rotation. [Delish]

Time to put away your winter coat and heavy grains: quinoa is the perfect light, spring meal. [Food & Wine]

The facts about cacao that every chocoholic should know. [Bon Appétit]

Chinese tariffs on nuts may bring a big hit to the farm industry. [NPR] 

How much sugar is really in your kombucha? This lawsuit may make you think twice about your next gut-healthy purchase. [Extra Crispy]

Sweet soy sauce is the condiment that your life is missing. [Bon Appétit]

Seven tips to boost your wine-selecting confidence. [Food & Wine]

This veggie ramen is so good you won’t even miss the pork. [WaPo]


Jennie Dockser is the media department intern at the James Beard Foundation. Follow her on Instagram.