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Food Reads: The Art of Sandwiches + Risotto

Jennie Dockser

February 28, 2018


There is an art to sandwich making, so unleash your creativity and start playing with textures, tastes, and toasts. [Bon Appétit]

Begin and end your day at Starbucks: recent changes include putting alcohol on the menu. [Food & Wine]

You might not have time to lounge in a robe and read the newspaper, but you can still improve your mornings by listening to a good podcast during your commute. [Food52]

Temperatures are starting to rise and we can’t help but think about spring. Check out these warm-weather appetizers we are itching to make. [Food & Wine]

Chicken who? Portobello Mushrooms Satays with peanut sauce are kicking meat to the curb. [WaPo]

Think you don’t have time to make a decadent, creamy risotto? Think again. [Food Network]

How to make healthier bread choices to fill that space in your heart reserved for carbs. [NBC]

Weeknight dinners can be tough, but we’ve got you covered. Try any of these five-ingredient recipes and save some time without sacrificing taste. [Food52]


Jennie Dockser is the media department intern at the James Beard Foundation. Follow her on Instagram.