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Make a Better Meatball with This Secret Ingredient

Tara Condell

January 19, 2017


Most people have a meatball recipe in their repertoire, and for good reason: the versatility of this culinary staple grants home cooks a blank canvas on which try out a multitude of flavor combinations. Nebraska chef Joel Marr’s technique yields an elevated take on the humble dish, letting pork cheeks shine as the star ingredient. This under-utilized cut packs a one-two punch of an inexpensive price tag and a lean-yet-tender texture. Marr recently dazzled Beard House guests with a Midwestern farmer-and-rancher inspired feast, kicking off the night with these irresistible meatballs, which he paired with currant chutney for an elegant take on a classic. Get the recipe.

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Tara Condell, RDN is the media intern at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.