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Dive into the year's best American food writing

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June 08, 2022


This year's James Beard Journalism Award nominees delivered scoops covering America's foodways. These authors celebrated Indigenous culinary traditions in the Arctic, investigated the fight for better working conditions among delivery workers, traced the heroic rise of garlic powder, and explored much more in the name of better food and better food systems. Scroll down and click the links to read this year's best food writing from across the country.

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Columns and Newsletters  
Tasting Home: “Travels with Papa”; “ Following the Thread”; “In Her Footsteps” 
Kwame Onwuachi with Joshua David Stein  
Food & Wine  

Tex-Mexplainer: “Nixtamalization Is the 3,500-Year-Old Secret to Great Tortillas”; “Live a Little and Try Crunching on Chapulines, or Roasted Grasshoppers”; “Forget Everything You Think You Know About Mole” 
José R. Ralat  
Texas Monthly 

Taste Matters: “Really, Is Everyone a Critic?”; “Stop Calling Chinese Food Cheap. It Can Be Exceptional at Every Price.”; “The Ingredients May Be New. The Quest For Deliciousness Is Eternal.”
Mahira Rivers  

Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Review Award 
“In Grand Central Market, a Beloved Chef Begins a New Chapter”; “Jumpstart Your Day at this Taiwanese Breakfast Pop-up in Chinatown”; “This Atwater Village Sushi Bar is what L.A. Fine Dining is all About”  
Bill Addison 
Los Angeles Times  

“’Constant Evolution’”; “Restaurant Debuts as one of the Best in the Midwest”; “Pizzas Out of this World”  
Louisa Chu 
Chicago Tribune  

“The Bay Area is Having a Love Affair with Smashburgers. This is the One You'll Want to Eat Again and Again”; “Impossible’s New Vegan Nuggets Taste Better than McNuggets. Sadly, that’s not Saying Much”; “S.F. Restaurant’s $72 Fried Rice Was a Runaway Hit. It Was Also the Chef's Nightmare”
Soleil Ho  
San Francisco Chronicle 

Dining and Travel 
“Right Around the Corner”  
Francis Lam  
Condé Nast Traveler  

“Eating in Xi’an, Where Wheat and Lamb Speak to China’s Varied Palate”  
Ligaya Mishan  
T: The New York Times Style Magazine 

“The Ultimate Texas Tacopedia”
José R. Ralat  
Texas Monthly 

Feature Reporting  
“Inside the Secretive, Semi-Illicit, High Stakes World of WhatsApp Mango Importing”
Ahmed Ali Akbar  

“Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part One — The Schützenfest, Black Endurance, and Beer Culture in Old South Charleston”; “Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part Two — The Deliberate Reconstruction of the Charleston Schützenfest”; “Tek Cyear uh de Root, Part Three — The Lost Potential of Charleston Beer”
Jamaal Lemon  
Good Beer Hunting  

“Raising Cane”
Shane Mitchell  
The Bitter Southerner  

Food Coverage in a General Interest Publication  
The Bitter Southerner

The New Yorker

The Washington Post

“‘We’re Reclaiming Beer Because It’s Ours’”
James Bennett II  

“The American Dream in the Back of a Sunoco”
Trisha Gopal  

“In the Arctic, Reindeer Are Sustenance and a Sacred Presence”
Ligaya Mishan  
T: The New York Times Style Magazine  

Health and Wellness  
“Cultivating Better Health”
Michael Behar 

“Diet-Related Diseases Pose a Major Risk for Covid-19. But the U.S. Overlooks Them.”
Helena Bottemiller Evich  

“Deeply Rooted: An Endocrine Web Special Report on Race and Diabetes”
Adriana Velez  
Endocrine Web 

Home Cooking  
“The Way of Clay”  
Mary-Frances Heck  
Food & Wine  

“For Garlic Powder, a Working Seasoning Finally Gets its Turn in the Spice Limelight”
Ben Mims 
Los Angeles Times  

“The Secret Society of Marmalade Makers”
Leslie Pariseau  

Innovative Storytelling  
“Arturo and the Rancho Zen of Washing Dishes”
Javier Cabral  
Pop-Up Magazine 

“How Black Foragers Find Freedom in the Natural World”
Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee, Adraint Bereal, and Wulf Bradley  
The New York Times  

“A Feast for Lost Souls”
Annelise Jolley and Zahara Gómez Lucini  
The Atavist Magazine  

Investigative Reporting  
“NYC Food Delivery Workers Band to Demand Better Treatment. Will New York Listen to Los Deliveristas Unidos?”; “Food Delivery Workers Toiling Through Historic Flooding Call Skimpy Wages and Tips ‘A Cruel Joke’”; “New York City Passes Landmark New Protections for Food Delivery Workers”
Claudia Irizarry Aponte and Josefa Velasquez  

“Palestine and the West Bank Agricultural Struggle”
Marianne Dhenin  
Life & Thyme  

“Revolt of the Delivery Workers”
Josh Dzieza  
New York Magazine; The Verge

Jonathan Gold Local Voice Award 
“‘Too Much to Lose.’ Why a Miami Man Moved into a Backyard Tent During Coronavirus Crisis”; “Salt Bae’s Restaurant Called Cops on Customer who Wouldn’t Pay for Gold-Wrapped Steaks”; “How to Eat Like a Local in Miami: A Local's Guide to Dining in the 305”
Carlos Frías  
Miami Herald  

“Innovation and the Incinerated Tongue: Notes on Hot Chicken, Race, and Culinary Crossover”; “Two Friends Talk about Black, White, and The Grey: On Cooking and Collaboration Across the Color Line”; “Pimento-cracy”  
Dr. Cynthia R. Greenlee  
The Counter; Oxford American  

“Growing Up on Los Angeles’s Black Barbecue”; “Downtown LA’s Once-Unstoppable Restaurant Scene Now Faces an Uncertain Future”; “Tonight’s Dinner Should Be Fried Chicken From an LA Grocery Store”
Mona Holmes 
Eater LA 

MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award 
“The Flavors of My Grief”
Yasmin Khan  

“Right Around the Corner” 
Francis Lam 
Condé Nast Traveler  

“Life Was Not a Peach”
Hannah Selinger  

Personal Essay, Long Form 
“It's Time to Decolonize Wine”
Miguel de Leon  

“All the Food You Can Eat and Only the Family You Can Stand”
Jackie Summers  

“The Creature Comfort of Aunt Jemima”
Adia Victoria  
The Bitter Southerner  

Personal Essay, Short Form 
“How It Feels to Close Your Restaurant for Good”
Kiki Aranita  
Food & Wine  

“Caribou Bones and Burgundy”
Elaine Chukan Brown  
Wine & Spirits  

“The Dangers of Bartending While Asian”
Kaylee Hammonds  
Food & Wine  

“Chef José Andrés Embraces the Chaos”
Jane Black 
HuffPost Highline  

“Patsy Young — American Brewer, Fugitive From Slavery”
Theresa McCulla  
Good Beer Hunting  

“The Man Who Sees a Future Where Indigenous Foods Are as Ubiquitous as Burgers”
Kate Nelson 


The winners will be announced at the Media Awards ceremony in Chicago on the campus of Columbia College on Saturday, June 11, hosted by award-winning journalist, author, and host and executive producer of the new series Take Out on HBO Max, Lisa Ling. 

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