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Recipe Roundup: Braised Meats

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

December 01, 2015


You've chipped away at your leftovers, dreamed up countless ways to use up days-old turkey, and gotten your kitchen back in order. Now that the marathon of Thanksgiving and its aftermath are over, we bet you're ready for some food from the set-it-and-forget-it school of cooking. Here are some of our favorite braising recipes:

Slow-Cooked Pork with Spanish Paprika and Sweet Spices 
Cardamom and 
pimentón give braised pork shoulder a hint of smokiness. 

Braised Lamb Belly with Jalapeño Vinegar 
Prepared by Alexander 
Ong at our 2011 JBF Awards reception, this dish gets a jolt from a spicy vinegar that cuts through the fattiness of lamb belly. 

Beef Short Ribs in Moscatel 
Moscatel, a syrupy Spanish dessert wine, adds sweetness to these braised short ribs from Gerald Hirigoyen. 

Home-Style Oxtail Stew 
Woven with tough tendons, oxtail is particularly well-suited to braising. This comforting, Chinese-influenced stew is delicious over noodles. 

Braised Lamb Shoulder 
This simple braise pairs well with a variety of hearty winter vegetables.