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Recipe Roundup: Mediterranean Mezze

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

August 15, 2012


On hot, sticky summer days, it's hard to feel motivated to put together a proper dinner when all we want to do is graze. So why not harness that snacking urge with a meal of Mediterranean mezze? Anchor the menu with a few of the following dishes, add a plate of olives and pickles and some warm pita for dipping, and dinner is served.

Cold Stuffed Grape Leaves

Claudia Roden's recipe for stuffed grape leaves from her 1972 classic, A Book of Middle Eastern Food, inspired this adaptation from James Beard.

Warm Sheep's Milk Feta with Apricot Tapenade

Make this sweet-and-salty appetizer now, while apricots are still in season.

Fattoush with Escarole, Parsley, and Sumac

Ana Sortun's version of the traditional Middle Eastern bread salad.

Fava Bean Hummus

A light, creamy alternative to the usual chickpea-based hummus.

Lobster Tabbouleh with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Think you don't like tabbouleh? This elegant, lobster-flecked rendition will change your mind.