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Recipe Roundup: Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

November 18, 2013


Turkey recipes from the pros, curated by the James Beard Foundation

Whether you're interested in starting a new Thanksgiving tradition or just looking to break out of a family-recipe rut, there's no shortage of turkey tutorials to be found this time of year. And who better to trust than a true professional? Here are some of our favorite turkey recipes from industry bigwigs.

Sam Sifton's Simple Roast Turkey [Bon Appétit]

The New York Times editor's go-to Thanksgiving bird is glazed with a rosemary-infused teriyaki butter. Though it may seem like holiday heresy, Sifton swears this recipe will keep the hordes very happy.

Jacques Pépin's Steam-Powered Turkey [NYT]

According to Pépin, a short dip in a steam bath followed by a two-hour blast in a hot oven is all a turkey needs to reach its moistest, most crackly-skinned potential. (An apple cider glaze laced with vinegar and Tabasco also doesn't hurt.)

Jose Garces's Citrus-Marinated Turkey [F&W]

The JBF Award winner slathers his turkey with a blend of citrus juices, garlic, annatto paste, and chiles and lets it sit for over 24 hours before slow-roasting the bird to golden perfection.

Andrea Watman's Overnight Turkey [Zabar's]

The late Andrea Watman of Zabar's liked to roast her turkey at a low temperature overnight. A few inches of water at the bottom of her roasting plan, plus a well-sealed foil tent, were the secrets to her moist, falling-off-the-bone bird.

Donald Link's Boudin-Stuffed Turkey Breast [Saveur]

An alternative to wrestling an enormous bird into the oven: stuff a pounded, boneless turkey breast with flavorful pork boudin sausage, as in this recipe inspired by JBF Award winner Donald Link of New Orleans.