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Staff Picks: Condiments

Anya Hoffman

Anya Hoffman

August 13, 2013


JBF staff picks their favorite condiments

We don’t usually spend a lot of time talking about condiments, but the right one can completely transform a dish. Add a splash of soy sauce to chicken soup and it’s a whole different ballgame. Want to perk up a chicken and avocado club? Slather on a dollop of sriracha mayo. Tired of plain scrambled eggs? Give them a spicy, soulful kick with a spoonful of harissa. In the spirit of celebrating these unsung heroes, we put together a list of the condiments our staff is crazy about right now.  


“I like to spoon it over steak and chicken (and it’s super delicious on a cheeseburger!), and I’ve been adding it to soups and rice dishes too. It’s perfect for this time of year because of all of the fresh herbs, and it brings me back to when I traveled to Argentina with my husband in 2007.”

-Michelle Santoro, Project Manager

Spicy Sesame Oil:

“Right now I'm obsessed with spicy sesame oil, which I've been drizzling over steamed broccoli and stirring into soups.”

-Anya Hoffman, Contributing Editor

Blue Cheese Dressing:

“My preferred French fry condiment.”

-Izabela Wojcik, Director of House Programming


"I've been stirring harissa into a lot of things lately, including yogurt to make a dressing for potato salad, and also to add kick and flavor to pasta sauces."

-Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President

Reduced-Sodium Tamari:

“I include a small amount of tamari in marinades for salmon, extra-firm tofu, and tuna, and I add it to grain salads like quinoa, faro, and couscous. I also put a small splash into lightly stir-fried greens, like baby bok choy, over jasmine rice. Love this stuff.”

-Claudia Karach, Director of House Events and Membership


“I put curry powder in everything. Eggs, ground beef, I’ll even drink it in water or with protein powder.”

-Colleen Vincent, Reservations Manager


"I like to blend this spicy, Korean paste with roasted garlic and honey, then toss carrots, potatoes, or other veggies in it before roasting them. I also thin it out with some olive and sesame oils and dip raw veggies in it. A spoonful in some chili is yummy, too!"

-Anna Mowry, Senior Editor

Red Onion Jam:

“It’s sweet and savory and great with cheese, but as a glaze for grilled meats it’s the best thing ever. I put some on a grilled cheese sandwich the other day and it was awesome. Next will be grilled pizza with goat cheese, figs and some red onion jam. So good.”

-Victoria Jordan Rodriguez, Director of House Operations and House Events

Dijon Mustard:

“I’ve been dipping everything from roast chicken to steaks and fries in Dijon. I also love it in egg salad!”

-Janie Schneider, Event Coordinator


“My current favorite condiment is ponzu. I love the hint of yuzu, and I use it in vinaigrettes for salads, as a marinade (with garlic, ginger, and scallions) for fish, and in place of soy sauce for stir-frys and takeout sushi. If I'm really craving extra yuzu flavor, sometimes I'll mix a little ponzu with yuzu kosho (a Japanese condiment made from yuzu and chiles) and just dip slices of carrots and cucumbers into it for a crunchy snack.”

-Elena North-Kelly, Associate Editor