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Statement on Introduction of the Senate Farm Bill Framework

JBF Editors

May 01, 2024


We applaud Chairwoman Stabenow for introducing a strong Senate farm bill framework today, the Rural Prosperity and Food Security Act, that helps farmers feed our nation, combats the climate crisis, addresses food insecurity, and promotes access to healthy and nutritious food for all Americans.

We are particularly pleased to see that the framework preserves conservation funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to ensure support for climate-smart agriculture practices. This critical funding fights climate change and helps producers continue to provide affordable goods. Unmitigated climate change threatens the very survival of the independent restaurant industry, which is a massive economic force, providing millions of jobs, generating hundreds of billions in revenue, and supporting local agriculture and businesses. A new report from the Global Food Institute at George Washington University and James Beard Foundation found that rising temperatures, extreme weather events, floods, drought, fire, and shifts in agricultural patterns have all contributed to the rise in costs for an already vulnerable industry. So this funding is critical to protecting the independent restaurant industry.

Similarly, we were pleased to see that this farm bill framework recognizes the importance of addressing food insecurity and promoting access to healthy and nutritious food for all Americans. In particular, SNAP provides vital assistance to millions of individuals and families facing food insecurity. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities and others in need have access to the nutrition they need to thrive.

As discussions around the farm bill progress in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the James Beard Foundation urges policymakers to maintain these important provisions included in Chairwoman Stabenow’s farm bill framework.  

Learn more about our Climate Solutions for Restaurant Survival Campaign.


Photo: Becky Wright / iStock / Getty Images Plus