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Sustainability Matters: February 28, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

February 28, 2014


When slaughterhouses are shuttered due to meat recalls, the impact can be devastating on small ranchers. [Grist]

Environmental groups call for restrictions placed on fertilizer use in the Lake Erie area due to an increase in algae blooms, which threaten water safety and wildlife. [NY Times]

The Food and Drug Administration proposes a bigger, bolder food label with updated portion sizes. [Food Politics]

Chipotle's new web-based series Farmed & Dangerous provides a satirical, accessible way to learn about Big Ag in the American food system. [Ecocentric]

As the Milk Processor Education Program announces a departure from "Got Milk" ads, members of the dairy industry weigh in on the ubiquitous campaign. [Modern Farmer]

Poisonous chemicals from industrial hog farming waste threatens Iowa's Great Lakes watershed. [On Earth]