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Sustainability Matters: January 10, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

January 10, 2014



There are no GMO oats, and that's unlikely to change. It all comes down to money. [Modern Farmer]

Japanese rice farmers are beginning to question protectionist policies. [NYT]

Gatorade to kids: "Avoid water". Sports drink game app tells children that water is detrimental to sports performance. [Civil Eats]

Large food companies are cutting calories: 6.4 trillion, to be exact. [NPR]

New and improved Cheerios, now GMO free. New formula to include non-GM corn and sugar. [Ecocentric]

Farmers may be growing fresh produce, but that doesn't mean that they're eating it. For some, it's processed snacks instead. [Smithsonian]