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Sustainability Matters: July 24, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

July 24, 2015


California’s Salinas Valley suffers from the drought, threatening the salad green supply chain as we know it. [Mother Jones]

Organic, non-GMO, and fast casual: Amy’s Drive-Thru debuts in Sonoma County. [SF Gate]

Biodynamic farming in Bordeaux will lead to better soil, healthier vines, and higher quality wine. [WSJ]

The heated debate continues as House Republicans attempt to bar the FDA from requiring GMO labels. [Grist]

Nextdoorganics welcomes urban farmers, gardeners, and foragers to sell their own crops and meat. [Edible Brooklyn]

Fast food workers finally see progress with plans of a $15 minimum wage in their future. [FWF]