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Sustainability Matters: June 27, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

June 27, 2014


The New York State Court of Appeals refused to reinstate NYC’s limit on the size of soda available for sale, ruling that the city’s Board of Health has exceeded its regulatory authority. [NY Times]

A new report reveals that untapped water-saving and recycling strategies could help California to a drought-resistant future. [Ecocentric]

Eat your veggies: cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, could increase your body’s ability to rid itself of certain carcinogens. [NPR]

The international ocean conservation organization Oceana reports that the U.S. fishing industry throws back approximately 2 billions pounds of “bycatch,” or unwanted fish, per year, leading to an estimated one billion dollar loss and endangering fish species. [Treehugger]

Instead of turning to genetically modified crops, some farmers are looking to forgotten, wild, indigenous plants to help feed a growing world population. [Wired]

A study by Columbia University reports NYC Green Carts are a success in encouraging customers in low-income areas to eat more fruits and vegetables. [Food Politics]