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Sustainability Matters: May 9, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

May 09, 2014


Hot chicks: a scientist attempts to breed chickens with fewer feathers to help the birds remain cooler, making it easier for farmers to maintain chicken populations in the face of climate change. [Grist]

The USDA will be awarding grants worth $25 million for school kitchen equipment. [Food Politics]

Sugar cane production and processing is linked to a deadly kidney-related illness in Nicaragua. [NY Times]

The World Health Organization warns that we're is headed for a deadly “post-antibiotic era” due to misuse of antibiotics in humans and agricultural animals. [EcoCentric]

Experiments show that many staple grains become less nutritious when grown in higher carbon dioxide environments, similar to Earth’s environment 50 years from now. [NPR]

A Q&A with Fed Up producer and cookbook author Laurie David. [Civil Eats]