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Sustainability Matters: October 10, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

October 10, 2014


Avocados may be good for your health, but the increased consumer demand could be over-burdening Chile’s water supply. [Treehugger]

Researchers have found that many U.S. restaurant chains have cut calories on new menu items by about 60 calories per dish, which could lead to a change in diners' waistlines over time. [NPR]

A political battle still rages between the Obama administration, the School Nutrition Association, and lunch ladies over the future of school food. [NY Times]

The sixth annual Chefs Collaborative summit in Boulder, CO met to gather like-minded chefs and discuss sustainability in the food system. [     Ecocentric]

Walmart may not be meeting its goals for running on one hundred percent clean energy and curbing its greenhouse gas emissions, but it is working with partners in the food system to bring lower-cost, healthy food to consumers using a smaller environmental footprint. [The Guardian]

Due to a draught in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producing and exporting country, next year’s coffee prices will continue to rise. [Grist]