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Sustainability Matters: September 12, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

September 12, 2014


Congress has passed a bill preventing the US Environmental Protections Agency from exerting the pollution controls outlined in the Clean Water Act. [Food Politics]

New studies find that walking at least 12,000 steps a day helps to counteract the negative effects of fructose consumption. [NY Times]

A Fremont Count orchardist is trying to bring back the Colorado Orange, a rare variety of local apple with a unique citrus flavor. [NPR]

Researchers find microscopic bits of plastic and glass, skin cells, and dead insects in a sample of German beers, including some of the most popular brands. [Grist]

Ocean acidification is impairing sharks’ sense of smell and hindering their ability to hunt. Scientists and environmentalists fear the ancient carnivore may not be able to adapt quickly enough. [Treehugger]

A Seattle tech company is seeking to help plants survive climate change with an organic seed treatment based on fungi. [Wired]