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Sustainability Matters: September 5, 2014

Ashley Kosiak

Ashley Kosiak

September 05, 2014


The new humane standards set to go into effect in California on January 1, 2015 raise questions about battery cages, colony cages, and cage-free systems for laying hens. [Civil Eats]

Programs like Double Up Food Bucks don't just help families buy nutritious, local produce. They help farmers and the environment. [Grist]

New studies eliminate doubt that BPA, a ubiquitous ingredient found in some plastics and coatings, is a dangerous toxin to the female reproductive system. [Treehugger]

The scoop on listeria: why the bacteria L. monocytogenes, which is often responsible for food-borne illness from meat, cheese, and sprouts, is so dangerous. [Modern Farmer]

Perdue, one of the country’s largest poultry producers, has announced that it will no longer use antibiotics in its hatcheries. [NY Times]

Despite an improvement in employment numbers, millions still struggle with food security. [NPR]