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Video: JBF Award Winner Mark Ladner's Appetizing Advice

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

November 25, 2015


Hot off his win for Best Chef: New York City at last year’s Beard Awards, Del Posto's Mark Ladner made a triumphant return to Chicago earlier this fall as one of our JBF Taste America All-Stars. After leaving guests swooning the night before with a one-of-a-kind collaborative dinner, Ladner appeared at Sur La Table to prove that his lauded Italian fare can be translated to the home kitchen. Demonstrating two Italian-inspired canapés, lobster and mayonnaise tramezzini (classic Venetian tea sandwiches) and chickpea fritters with truffles and fontina cheese, Ladner advocated for the innate power of a gooey, molten cheese center, and advised starting all your parties as he does—with sparkling wine. Watch the video above for more insights and tips into how to make your next dinner party a Beard Award–worthy soirée. 

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