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Waste-Less Recipe: Amanda Cohen's Beet Greens Pesto

Elena North-Kelly

Elena North-Kelly

August 20, 2015


Our latest mantra: think before you toss! Chances are you can stretch your market haul into many more meals by just reimagining items you’d normally chuck in the trash (or, for bonus points, compost). Here, vegetable maven Amanda Cohen of New York City's acclaimed Dirt Candy recommends combining the oft-discarded beet greens (rich in vitamins A, C, and folate) and addictive pistachios into a rich, vibrant pesto. This simple, delicious recipe makes creative use of a kitchen staple you’re probably already buying, and in turn, does wonders for your wallet—and the environment.

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Elena North-Kelly is senior editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.