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What We're Reading: August 20, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

August 20, 2015


Sweet, creamy, and tropical: devour this winning coconut cream pie recipe at home. [Food 52]

Politics aside, Myanmar offers a wide range of native delicacies. [NYT]

Vikings bravely paved culinary roads before us, one glass of bjorr at a time. [MUNCHIES]

Fast and cheap: brew your own lip-puckering sour beer at home. [Serious Eats]

Say hello to oocha: the mellower younger sister of matcha. [Grub Street]

Cara Nicoletti’s new book, Voracious, shares classic literature through enticing recipes. [NPR]

Grab your cape, appetite, and thirst for adventure: super hero cafes have arrived. [FWx]