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What We're Reading: August 25, 2014

Kaitlin Hill

Kaitlin Hill

August 25, 2014


Apple Pie

The history of America's long love affair with apple desserts. [History Channel

New FDA regulations endanger American artisanal cheese production. [Chicago Reader

This year's Alaska State Fair will feature Guinness World Record–breaking vegetables. [NPR

Eat Mor Chikin (and waffles): Chick-Fil-A tries to keep up with the growing fast-food breakfast market. [Food Beast

Here is how to cut all cheeses the right way. [Huffington Post

A clandestine German bratwurst cartel has been swindling carnivores for years. [The Daily Beast

The story behind the world's most common peach. [Zester Daily

The bacon craze hits Montreal at Bar Brutus, an all-bacon restaurant. [ABC]