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What We're Reading: August 27, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

August 27, 2015


You might just have to eat the real stuff: Oscar Mayer recalls 2 million pounds of turkey bacon. [Grub Street]

A Japanese “mad scientist" and food writer has created neon udon noodles. [MUNCHIES]

Our childhood snacks could soon be distant memories, thanks to safety concerns over artificial dyes. [Food & Wine]

JBF Award–winning author Adrian Miller illustrates the complex origins of soul food. [FWF]  

Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is back just in time for fall. [Yahoo Food]

Here’s the best way to get your kids to eat vegetables: whip up a batch of broccotots. [Huff Post Taste]

Fearless vegetable proselytizer Amanda Cohen turns savory into sweet. [Saveur]