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What We're Reading: December 17, 2014

Meg Kilkenny

Meg Kilkenny

December 17, 2014


Turn your slow cooker into a party punch bowl with these hot cocktails. [Epicurious]

From bánh mì to saison, a look at how food words enter American dictionaries. [Boston Globe]

If you like to load up on the hot sauce, does it make you more of a man? According to a new study, yes it does. [TIME]

The perfect holiday dessert combo: candy cane cookies. [The Kitchn]

When food takes the stage, there's no saying who's real and who's acting. [Washington Post]

The tongue is quicker than the brain: a new study says choosing food for health takes longer than choosing for taste. [LA Times]

The truth behind truffles and how they live up to the hype. [Food52]