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What We're Reading: February 25, 2015

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

February 25, 2015


Could introducing infants to peanut butter actually prevent them from developing allergies? [Atlantic

Frozen weather means frozen vegetables: learn how to get the best flavor out of the freezer aisle. [Food52

The latest cocktail trend of specialty glassware suggests bars hope their customers will judge a book by its cover. [Punch

New research reveals that our oceans are becoming more acidic, endangering shellfish populations worldwide. [NPR

Unsure of what to do with all the new “ancient grains” on the market? Sneak them into your baking with these recipes. [HuffPo Taste

Jackson, Wyoming will soon be the home of one of the world’s first vertical farms. [FWF

A British company claims eating its chocolate could combat signs of aging. [MUNCHIES