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What We're Reading: January 29, 2015

Emma Sarley

Emma Sarley

January 29, 2015


We love kale, but we love burgers more: Americans ordered nine billion hamburgers in 2014, up 30 million from the year before. [Grubstreet

Enjoy a stress-free Super Bowl by prepping all your nibbles and drinks beforehand. [Bon Appétit

The recipe is entering the twenty-first century through experimental technological platforms that rethink the time-honored format. [FWF]

The quickest, safest, and easiest way to melt chocolate: use a blow dryer. [Yahoo! Food]

With the “Foodini” 3D printer, you can make dinner with just the click of a button. [WaPo]

Studies show that not all meat is created equal, and some cuts are actually safer for you. [Mother Jones

The beloved avocado is so much more than just toast-topper and guacamole-base. [Yahoo! Food

In a two-year quest, one man sets out to discover the best, cheesiest dollar slice in New York City. [FWF