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What We're Reading: July 1, 2015

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

July 01, 2015


Scientists suggest saving that bread basket for dessert. [NPR

Don't settle for potato salad or corn on the cob: spice up the offerings at your July 4 cookout with these spins on traditional sides. [Serious Eats

With or without seeds, this tip will have you carving up watermelons like a pro. [The Kitchn

Impress your friends by serving sorbet in citrus boats. [Bon Appétit

The Chinese equivalent of Hooters has opened in Shenyang, with bikini-clad women serving customers congee. [FWF

From nacho balls to wine-fried kalettes, state fairs represent the cutting edge of our deep-fried ambitions. [Food and Travel

Office pantry essentials from the team at Bon Appétit. [Bon Appétit