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What We're Reading: July 9, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

July 09, 2015


How to conquer the seemingly impossible task of homemade strawberry ice cream. [Serious Eats]

Prepare for a poultry-palooza: Shake Shack has debuted its first fried chicken sandwich. [Eater]

String cheese could be the only thing between us and a nuclear-powered Iran. [MUNCHIES]

Prominent New York City chefs are turning neglected species of fish into gourmet cuisine. [Grub Street]

There is a St. Louis restaurant dedicated entirely to ranch dressing. [Food Network]

How does JBF Award winner Brooks Headley find inspiration in the midst of a chaotic kitchen? [Bon Appétit]

Out of respect for vegetarian students, an Indian governor is banning eggs in school lunches. [NPR]