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What We're Reading: June 17, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

June 17, 2014



World Cup teams take no chances by bringing their own chefs, and their own food, to Brazil. [Fox News]


Meaningless buzzwords like “organic” and “whole-grain” drive sales with empty promises. [Chron]


Protein-infused cake frosting, bee-less honey, and lentil pasta are just some of the predicted healths trends for the upcoming year. [NYDN]


A peek at the grueling job of keeping exotic species out of the American food supply. [NPR]


70-percent cacao, 100-percent holographic: a Swiss company creates the first chocolate with edible holograms etched in. [NPR]


The enduring power of the gluten-free “trend.” [NYT]