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What We're Reading: November 12, 2014

Meg Kilkenny

Meg Kilkenny

November 12, 2014


Discover the difference between "sofrito" and "soffritto" with these infographics on aromatics. [FWF]

Unilever's lawsuit over mayo leads to a condiment identity crisis. [WaPo]

How Americans can be incentivized to eat more fresh, local produce. [NPR]

A debate on lexicon and labels: should "natural" be regulated the same way as "organic"? [NYT]

Business-minded foodies now have the ultimate academic haven at the Culinary Institute's new Food Business School. [Forbes]

Take a global food tour with these international specialty shops in New York. [GrubStreet]

Bust out your best brassica with these Thanksgiving brussels sprouts recipes. [Serious Eats]