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What We're Reading: November 4, 2015

Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

November 04, 2015


Zagat has released its annual burger report card: find out which of your favorites earned an A. [Eater]

How one Midwesterner's quest for hash browns in New York City led her to New Jersey.[Saveur]

Winter is coming: defend your stomach with the Game of Scones cookbook. [Washington Post]

Even Guinness is going vegan these days. [MUNCHIES]

You've had a BLT, now let us introduce you to its sweet cousin, the BLP.  [Tasting Table]

The food industry is bowing to consumer demands as more companies vow to transition to natural food dyes. [NPR]

How accurately does the movie Burnt depict life as a chef? [FWF]

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