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What We're Reading: October 19, 2015

Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

October 19, 2015


29 sweet reasons to fall back in love with butterscotch this fall. [HuffPo]

Follow the evolution of leftovers and how we came to live in the age of the "leftovers renaissance." [NPR]

Cook your yolks according to the “egg commandments."  [FWF]

Money saving tip of the day: when it's worth it to spend the extra dollar on fresh herbs. [Serious Eats]

Is food porn overstimulating our appetites? [MUNCHIES]

Amidst the merger of two beer giants, speculation on the future of microbreweries. [USA Today]

Put away your spray bottles and glue guns: here are the secrets to perfecting the art of food styling. [Bon Appétit]