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What We're Reading: October 22, 2015

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

October 22, 2015


A slice of nostalgia: a new book memorializes 100 of New York City's "last authentic pizzerias.” [FWF

Class up your Halloween with some candy-centric wine pairings. [Food52

Not as fishy as it sounds: try adding tonnato, the Italian tuna sauce, to some of your favorite dishes. [Serious Eats

China is destroying its fish-breeding wetlands to make way for electronics factories. [Mother Jones]

A judge has ruled that Beck’s can no longer be called German beer, since it’s been brewed in St. Louis since 2012. [NPR

Allergic to peanuts? Swap out your PB&J for a sweet potato and jelly sandwich. [The Kitchn

No need for an after-dinner coffee if you're serving these caffeinated desserts. [Saveur