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What We're Reading: October 23, 2014

Meg Kilkenny

Meg Kilkenny

October 23, 2014


Do your liver a favor: have a cup of joe. [The Daily Meal]

Budget-friendly tips for avoiding the most commonly over-priced grocery store items. [HuffPost]

For some restaurants, a negative review doesn't necessarily mean a drop in business. [Grub Street]

Everyone knows Elvis loved a peanut butter and banana sandwich, but what about JFK or Mariah Carey? Iconic Americans' favorite bites. [BuzzFeed]

A new study suggests that UK millennials are reluctant to cook or use frozen foods. [BBC]

Get a head start on your holiday baking with this unusual take on whipped cream. [NYT]

Chefs across the nation make the case for under-appreciated cuts of meat. [Food & Wine]