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What We're Reading: September 10, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

September 10, 2015


New Yorkers are in shock: Murray’s is putting aside their morals and toasting your bagel. [Food & Wine]

POTUS in the wild: Bear Grylls treats our commander-in-chief to a half-eaten Alaskan salmon lunch. [FWF]

JBF Award winner Brooks Headley is translating his vegetarian fast food prowess to the page with The Superiority Burger Cookbook. [Grub Street]

This isn’t your bubbe’s Rosh Hashanah menu: start the new year off with a modern twist. [Saveur]

New restaurants are emerging with leading culinary ladies behind the wheel. [NYT]

Here’s an unusually pleasing way to consume ice cream: in loaf form. [Tasting Table]

Chef Jamie Simpson feeds his Mangalitsa pigs gourmet scraps. [NPR]