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What We're Reading: September 3, 2015

Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams

September 03, 2015


Simple, yet satisfying: create the ultimate caprese salad. [Serious Eats]

Fighting the childhood obesity epidemic, one healthy school lunch at a time. [NYT]

Start saving your guac money: Chipotle expands to 40 college campuses this fall. [FWF]

The very last lunch menu from the Titanic is being auctioned off, giving the phrase “never let go” a whole new meaning. [Food & Wine]

Golden-brown comfort food: you’ll never screw up pan-fried potatoes again. [BA]

U.K. scientists have invented an ice cream that doesn’t melt. [Grub Street]

Don’t limit yourself to lattes: coffee offers a myriad of productive uses. [HuffPost Taste]