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What We're Reading: September 30, 2015

Rebecca Mayotte

Rebecca Mayotte

September 30, 2015


As the leaves change and the air cools, warm up by making these indulgent cinnamon buns. [Tasting Table]

Sorghum has been a southern staple for years, but DC chefs have made the sweet syrup into the hottest new dining trend in town. [Washington Post]

JBF Award-winning chef Dan Barber and former White House chef Sam Kass teamed up to serve UN world leaders food scraps this weekend. [MUNCHIES

The EPA takes a step in the right direction to improve the lives of farmworkers. [NPR]

Powering a food factory with food waste? Learn how one British food company is generating energy with mashed potatoes. [The Guardian]

JBF Award winner Anthony Bourdain's new food market will have everything from tostadas to hand pulled Chinese noodles. [NYTimes]

After making this homemade pumpkin-spiced latte, you'll never want to order one at Starbucks again. [Bon Appétit]