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Your Ultimate Grilling Menu

Hilary Deutsch

May 30, 2017


Looking for an outdoor menu fit to feed your entire gang? We’ve got you covered. From James Beard’s effortless recipe for whole grilled fish with tarragon butter to chile–lime marinated skirt steak to a refreshing fennel salad with grilled lemon vinaigrette, these recipes prove that open-fire cooking should be your new summertime BFF. And don’t think we’ve forgotten about dessert—make sure to finish things off on a sweet note with a drunken s’mores cake. Get grilling!

Chile–Lime Skirt Steak 
This bright, citrusy marinade is flecked with ground coriander, cumin, and chiles, plus tons of fresh flavor from the green onions and cilantro. Make sure to marinate the meat for at least 12 hours—24 is best—for a super tender and well-seasoned steak.

James Beard’s Grilled Whole Fish
Don't forget to "give each guest some crisp charcoal-flavored skin," as James Beard suggests in this straightforward recipe. 

Fennel Salad with Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette
Paper-thin slices of fennel and celery form the aromatic, crunchy base of this flavorful salad. Grilling the lemons before juicing adds a delicious touch of smoke.

Drunken S’more Cake
While we can never tire of a classic s’more, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. This graham cracker–crusted chocolate dessert incorporates nutty Nocello and Frangelico liqueurs for an adults-only treat.

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Hilary Deutsch is digital media coordinator at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.