Special Edition: The 10th Annual JBF Food Summit

The James Beard Foundation’s annual Food Summit is a place where thought leaders, change makers, and practitioners from across the entire food system gather to discuss, debate, learn, and inspire each other to improve the sustainability, wholesomeness, and healthfulness of food for everyone.
The summit is traditionally held in the fall in New York City, but for the 10th anniversary edition we're changing things up.

There will be no summit in 2019. Instead, we are building a collective of chefs and global organizations working across the sectors of agriculture, nutrition, economic development, and humanitarian aid. This collective is focused on envisioning and laying the architecture for a well-functioning food system that provides the best quality food in the most equitable way to meet the challenges ahead of us. This work will inform the agenda of our joint summit with the renowned MIT Media Lab, taking place in the second half of 2019 and focusing on the future of food. Details are still being finalized at this time. Subscribe to our JBF Impact newsletter to stay on top of updates.

More information on the 2017 JBF Food Summit is available here.

Questions? Please contact foodconference@jamesbeard.org.


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