The James Beard Foundation advocates for policies that make a more equitable and sustainable food system for all involved in the independent restaurant industry across three pillars: racial and gender equity, sustainability, and industry culture and practices.



The James Beard Foundation supports legislation and programs that help turn restaurant jobs into long and healthy careers, and expand who receives access to leadership, visibility, financial stability, and capital. 

We mobilize a network of thousands of chefs to support JBF’s policy priorities and their own advocacy efforts.  

  • Our current policy priorities are:  
    • Funding and market access for BIPOC farmers and small producers  
    • Nutrition security and SNAP expansion  
  • Living wage and equal pay for all involved in the restaurant supply chain  
  • Conservation programs that prioritize soil, water health, food waste, and composting  
  • Tax credits for independent restaurants that offer specific benefits to their employees  
  • Accelerated visas for foreign foodservice workers  
  • Federal funding for mental health programs   

As the 2023/24 Farm Bill is being developed in Congress, we are advocating for climate change mitigation (soil health, composting, and regenerative agriculture) and opportunities for BIPOC farmers, as well as an expansion of SNAP that allows for the participation of restaurants as meal providers for SNAP recipients.