Happy Hour: Sean Brock’s The Charleston Light Dragoon Punch 1792

Excerpted from Heritage by Sean Brock (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2014. Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards.


Although JBF Award winner Sean Brock is a self-proclaimed bourbon buff, his innate Southern love of entertaining extends across the spirit spectrum. This punch is a mélange of the historic and the present-day South, updated from an antebellum militia recipe found by a friend of Brock’s at the South Carolina Historical Society. Mixing a sweet tea base with rum and brandy, this crowd-pleasing punch is a perfect expression of Southern hospitality.


Get the recipe here.

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On the Menu: Week of December 21


Here’s what’s coming up at the James Beard House and around the country:

Tuesday, December 22, 7:00 P.M.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

The Southern Italian tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes celebrates the Christmas holiday through a decadent dégustation of underwater fare. Join us as Puglia native and seafood savant Francesco Coli brings his acclaimed fish-forward cuisine to the Beard House, for a repast packed to the gills with seasonal luxury.


Thursday, December 31, 9:00 P.M

Ring In the New Year!

Ring in 2016 with good cheer and incredible food at our annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The teams from the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes have planned an extravagant menu high... Read more >

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The Future Chronicle, Part 5: UberEats to Provide Outsourced Digestion Service


As we wrap up our coverage of the 2015 JBF Food Conference, we turn our eyes to the possibilities of tomorrow's farms, restaurants, grocery stores, and kitchens. We've partnered with the Future Market for a multi-part series exploring some of the visions of the future discussed at the conference, in the form of the Future Chronicle, a newspaper snapshot of 2065. Read the full issue here, and stay tuned for more dispatches from the mid-twenty-first century.


UberEats to Provide Outsourced Digestion Service

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An Illustrated Guide to Steak au Poivre Flambé

By Cakespy


James Beard's recipe for steak au poivre flambé finishes with a fiery flourish of flaming Cognac. This step is understandably intimidating for first-time flambé-ers, so we called on crackerjack culinary cartoonist CakeSpy to walk us through the process. Read through her tips, get the recipe, and impress your dinner guests!

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Test Your Eat-Q: Traditional Host Etiquette

'Tis the season to entertain, so brush up on proper host etiquette with this quiz before you break out the eggnog and gingerbread.






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Recipes: James Beard’s Very Special Steak Dinner


As one of the culinary world’s ultimate entertainers, James Beard knew a thing or two about setting a table for a crowd. With the holiday season right around the corner, we’re here to remind you that cooking an unforgettable dinner in only an hour truly is possible. Give Mr. Beard’s very special steak dinner a whirl—his combination of good planning and deft execution lets you sit down with your guests in a flash. 


The main event is James Beard's steak au poivre flambé, which gets a flaming bath in Cognac before being served sizzling and tender. Beard recommends buttery galette potatoes and bright haricots verts to round out the menu. Get the recipes here:

Galette Potatoes
... Read more >

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Eat This Word: Spoonbread


WHAT? "The apotheosis of cornbread." Or so said writer Redding Sugg. This Southern soufflé may take its moniker from suppon or suppawn, an Indian porridge. Perhaps the name stuck because this Southern comfort food is best eaten with a spoon. It's made from cornmeal, eggs, butter, and milk, sometimes enlivened with baking powder and a dash of sugar, and it's served across the South with country ham or rabbit stew or all on its own. Spoon bread is an any-meal kind of food: Jefferson, for instance, ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spoonbread, according to Southern Food author John Egerton, is "the ultimate, glorified ideal of cornbread." True Grits author Joni Miller declares it "one of the most elegant and classic Southern dishes." An essential Southern savory, "a properly prepared spoonbread," Egerton writes, "can be taken as testimony to the perfectibility of humankind." 

 ... Read more >

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At Home with the Kitchn’s Sara Kate Gillingham

Photo by Leela Cyd


In 2005 writer Sara Kate Gillingham took a deep breath, a leap of faith, and co-founded the Kitchn, a design-forward website that sought to inform and inspire every aspect of home cooking, from recipes to advice to renovations. Now, with a readership of over 17 million per month and a 2015 James Beard Award–winning cookbook under her belt, Gillingham certainly knows her way around a kitchen—both in her own home and through the lives of the many readers she connects with each day. Below, senior editor Elena North-Kelly catches up with the founding editor and avid cook to get her tips and insight on entertaining, including her most trusted recipes, indispensable tools, and levelheaded approach on gracefully handling any dinner party disaster.




JBF: Many of us at JBF often turn to the Kitchn for tips on getting organized. Talk to us about the ideal prep timeline for host... Read more >

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Our Editors’ Favorite Dishes of 2015

With over 250 events held annually around the country, each year of JBF programming takes the pulse of our national culinary scene. Our favorite dishes of 2015 represent the nibbles ne plus ultra that spiked our collective heart rate. From trendy hors d’oeuvre (an avocado toast par excellence) to hearty mains (a pepper-packed Lone Star State brisket) to genre-bending desserts (sweet English peas and chocolate), the past year proved to be one of unexpected delights, comforting classics, and most of all, ample evidence that American cooking is very much alive and well. Read on for our full list of this year’s standouts.



Avocado with Toasted Pumpernickel, Smoked Whitefish, and Pink Peppercorns


Alon Shaya, Shaya, New Orleans (served at the Beard House)


If 2014 wa... Read more >

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Party Tips from Beard House Pros


If you’ve ever been to dinner at the James Beard House, or any other JBF event like the Beard Awards, Chefs’ Night Out, Chefs & Champagne, or our annual Gala, you know that our staffers can throw a good party. Here are some of their tried-and-true rules for hosting a Beard–caliber event at home. 



“If you’re serving cocktails, make a batch just before the first guests come. You don’t want to start the night with a bunch of people waiting for a drink.” —Yvon Ros, Director of Sponsorship and Special Events


“Don’t skimp on the beverages. Buy artisanal sodas for people who aren’t drinking, and choose some local wines, unique beers, and sparkling wines—put on a big drink spread.” —Izabela Wojcik, Director of House Programming


“When thinking about quantity, plan on three drinks per person over the course of an evening to make sure you have enough.” —Siobhan Flaherty Haber, Manager of Greens... Read more >

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