Happy Hour: Meet the Negronita Cocktail


We've partnered with Simmer, a new app that allows you to generate step-by-step recipe videos that you can create, watch, and share from your very own kitchen. In the coming weeks and months, we'll continue sharing instructional videos that will teach you how to create tantalizing dishes from JBF Award winners, Beard House chefs, and even Beard himself, all prepared in James Beard's historic New York City kitchen.


It's no secret that the Negroni has a cult following among discerning tipplers, but we've got a riff that just might become your new standard. Created by our director of house programming, Izabela... Read more >

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On the Menu: Week of August 17


Here’s what’s coming up at the James Beard House and around the country:


Monday, August 17, 7:00 P.M

Southern Charm

After honing his skills at Little Rock’s acclaimed Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel, chef Matthew Bell has struck out on his own with South on Main, a restaurant and performance venue that marries music, readings, screenings, and more with a menu of refined regional fare. Come to the Beard House for a taste of Bell’s sophisticated take on Southern favorites, for a meal that’s sure to be worthy of a standing ovation.


Tuesday, August 18, 7:00 P.M.

Philly Meets Pittsburgh

Square 1682, Philadelphia
No rivalries here: for this special Beard House dinner, chefs from stylish Kimpton Hotel properties in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will unite to collaborate on a summer tasti... Read more >

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Sustainability Matters: August 14, 2015


How the Midwest's Corn Belt could be cooking the planet. [Mother Jones]


Sorry, Paleo-proselytizers: we may owe our big brains to carbohydrates. [NYT]


Treat your soil right and grow cover crops this fall. [MF]

A Spanish town has taken steps towards cutting food waste with their “solidarity fridge." [NPR]


Los Angeles experiments with millions of shade balls to protect drinking water.... Read more >

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Stalk to Stem: Cooking with the Whole Vegetable


With "nose-to-tail" flying around the culinary scene like a swarm of bees, it was only a matter of time until the ethos of full, purposeful utilization made its way into the world of vegetable scraps. In this series, Tasting Table talks to food experts who are treating former cast-offs like broccoli stems, potato peels, or cabbage cores as ingredients to be cherished.


Carol Blymire, the blogger behind French Laundry at Home and Alinea at Home and co-author of Mike Isabella's Crazy Good Italian, loves chard stems. Cooking her way through two of the most revered cookbooks of our time has given her an attention to detail... Read more >

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Throwback Thursday: Wylie Dufresne, the Culinary Magician


This Throwback Thursday, we celebrate a fearless pioneer of molecular gastronomy, JBF Award winner and 2015 Who’s Who inductee Wylie Dufresne. Each year, the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America honors a diverse group of 20 individuals across all areas of the culinary world, each of whom has been identified by his or her peers for contributions to America’s evolving edible identity.


Following his education at the French Culinary Institute, Dufresne began his career under JBF Award winner Jean-Georges Vongerichten at JoJo, became a sous chef at Jean-Georges, and was promoted to chef de cuisine at Vongerichten’s Prime. He continued his gastronomic trailblazing as the first chef at 71 Clinton Fresh Food, which lead to his next adventure opening wd~50 in 2003. Dufresne remained unstoppable, receiving three stars from the New... Read more >

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Waste-Less Recipe: Shaved Broccoli Stalk Salad with Lime and Cotija


Chefs around the country have embraced the concept of nose-to-tail cooking, and lately, there’s been more attention given to reimagining lesser-used vegetable parts in the kitchen. For guidance and inspiration, we tapped JBF Award–winning author Tara Duggan, who penned Root-to-Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable (Ten Speed Press, 2013), which features flavorful recipes for stalks, ribs, fronds, and stems, along with creative tips for making the most of seasonal ingredients while reducing waste and saving money. Here, she uses often-discarded-but-delicious broccoli stalks and leaves in this unconventional dish—made extra enticing with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a generous dose of tangy cotija cheese.


Get the recipe.


We're focusing on solutions to fight food waste all month long! Get th... Read more >

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What We're Reading: August 13, 2015


You’ll be the hero at every birthday party: follow this DIY ice cream cake recipe. [Food & Wine]


Immerse yourself in street art while dining at your favorite restaurants. [BA]


Soy no more: algae could be the champion of alternative proteins. [NPR]


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream shares their crowd-pleasing secret recipe for vegan chocolate syrup. [Yahoo Food]


Go ah... Read more >

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The Better Burger Project™: The Winners!

The James Beard Foundation's Better Burger Project™


The burgers have been served, the plates have been cleared, and the ‘grams have been counted. 


After more than two months of the Better Burger Project™, a challenge that invited chefs to create a more healthy, delicious, and sustainable burger by blending ground meat with finely chopped cultivated mushrooms, we’re excited to reveal our five winners. The chefs whose burgers appeared in the most Instagram photos, uploaded by their customers, emerged victorious. Our winning chefs are:


1.  Quaff ON!, chef Dan Nichols – Bloomington, IN
2.  Blue Southern Comfort Food, chef Carolyn Manning – Shreveport, LA
3.  Belly Acres, chef Rob Ray – Memphis, TN
4.  Bachi Burger, chef Lorin Watada – Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Pasadena, CA
5.  Burgh’ers Restaurant, chefs Kiel Campbell and Fiore Moletz – Harmony, PA



In Octob... Read more >

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Expo Milano: Mentor Minds


Part of the USA Pavilion's Feeding the Accelerator, an innovation-focused mentorship program that nurtures promising food-sector entrepreneurs, the new Mentor Minds series is a collection of shorts featuring interviews with some of the leading thinkers in food, art, business, and other industries. One of the first installments stars JBF executive vice president Mitchell Davis, who, as chief creative officer of the USA Pavilion, oversees all programming, design, and content for the gathering's six-month run in Milan. Watch the video above to hear Mitchell's thoughts on food's potential to spur innovation, his advice to entrepreneurs, and more. Watch the complete Mentor Minds series here.   ... Read more >

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Farm to Table...to Farm


Restaurateurs Hari and Jenneffer Pulapaka Serve Up Their Leftovers to Community Farms


It’s an issue that has swiftly gained more attention: food waste is overflowing in our landfills. We know that from farms to supermarkets and school cafeterias to home kitchens, food is regularly discarded without much thought about where it ends up. 


In restaurants, food waste can be uneaten bread, vegetable scraps, accidentally overcooked fish, a forgotten take-out box, or the uneaten food on a customer’s plate. Even at a small establishment like Cress in Deland, Florida, the sheer volume of trash-bound edibles made owners Hari and Jenneffer Pulapaka start thinking about ways that they could cut down on their share of landfill-clogging leftovers. We spoke with them about the solutions they’ve implemented.


JBF: About two years ago, you started recycling food waste in your restaurant. How did you come... Read more >

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